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About us

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Dumerso Industrial Trading PLC was founded in 2013 was also known by HHK Industrial Trading PLC. Now it’s legally registered as Dumerso Industrial Trading PLC and exporting Yirgacheffe type A washed and sundried coffee. Dumerso has assumed the position of a specialized provider of this exceptional premium coffee. Dumerso also have a plan to improve the system of coffee production and marketing through provision of training technical support of modern farm input that helps small holding producer to develop appropriate techniques and skill needed to optimized coffee production in terms of productivity.

Sister Company

Hirut Birhanu Unwashed Coffee Processing has been established on 2000ec in Yirgacheffee with the aim of supplying processed coffee to be sold in the Ethiopian commodity exchange more over it has begun selling washed coffee in the past two years . Having a permanent seat on ECX, the business to act as a commission agent for buying and selling on behalf the clients

About Dumerso Washing Station

Dumerso washing station is located near the town of Yirgacheffe Ethiopia. It’s about 388 km from Addis Ababa. Many small farms from the surrounding area contribute to our locally-owned, family-run mill. Dumerso has been shifting our efforts more towards dry-processing. This lot is a prime example of the intense flavors this technique can produce.

Dumerso lab

Our newly built cupping lab inside the washing station has made it easier for us to control the quality and also to arrange coffee cupping for visitors and guests to Dumerso Coffee.

Our Staff

Organized with an assembly of skilful and well experienced professionals, our staff works round the clock to ensure that each aspect of the products and services we provide are delivered with the utmost care, quality and dependability. Led by the CEO; Ms. Hirut Birhanu, and the Managing Director of Dumerso Industrial PLC; Ms. Mahder Birhanu, the staff has proven to be adept and competent enough at striving to guarantee the utmost satisfaction of its clientele and customers.

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Dumerso Coffee

About Dumerso Coffee

For anyone who values a relaxing atmosphere and top quality coffee. Dumerso is a unique coffeehouse in Addis Ababa; located at Sarbet Carl square, about 100 meters on the main road South Africa Street. And a relaxing atmosphere it has special interior design of Ethiopian culture decorated with traditional theme, It’s a perfect place for a morning coffee to start the day and to take one’s mind off business and have a relaxing, stress free environment. Our aim is to satisfy our customer by setting the perfect atmosphere for comfortable time any hr. of a day and evening. The place could be an ideal destination for family; group’s small cozy café is the place to visit and a place where you can take someone visiting from abroad. If anyone truly loves coffee then this is the place to visit.

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About Us

Dumerso industrial trading PLC was founded in 2013 was also known by HHK industrial trading plc. Read More

Tel: +251 1-3203973
Mob: +251-911 209656
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Fax: +251-1-3203977
P.O.Box 182775 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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